Trommel Screen – Trommel Drum

Kenny & Co Engineering trommel screen is a rotating cylindrical screen used to separate materials by size. Material is fed into a trommel and passes over a series of screens containing specific hole sizes. The fines material falls through the screen holes, while the oversize is discharged out of the end of the drum.

Trommel Screen

A trommel screen is used most in waste material in the waste recycling industry. Having the right trommel for your needs is extremely important. Kenny & Co Engineering has over 20 years experience designing and building robust trommel screens across a wide range of recycling sectors. Kenny & Co Engineering has the expertise to ensure you get exactly the right trommel.

Our Fixed Line Trommel Screens Are Self-Contained, Electric Powered, And Designed To Separate Topsoil, Compost, Green Waste, Food Waste, General Commercial Waste And Many More Types Of Waste. The Pile Height Of Trommeled Waste Is Timed With The Out Fee Conveyor To Allow For Manageable Volumes Of Was To Be Picked As The Waste Passes Through A Picking Station. The Particle Size Of The Fines Discharged From The Trommel Depends On The Size Of The Trommel Screen Size.

Our Mobile Trommel Screens Are Diesel Powered, Our Mobile Trommels Are Remote Controlled, And Operate On Specialised Track Runners, Giving Our Trommels Maximum Grip In Difficult Environments, We Can Also Attach Over Band Ferrous Magnetic Separators To The Discharge Conveyor To Give Your Trommeled Waste A Greater Purity.